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with just a whisper, they’re all yours.
photographer // cosplayer

here’s a cool shot of my Possession Hawker costume from PAX East! It was so much fun to wear (and SO COMFORTABLE WOW) :’D

I’d like to cosplay the Possession Girl one day, but gah, my bottles would never turn out as awesome as hers. Check out her blog to see more detailed shots. They’re amazing.

p.s. Let’s all make up a cosplay group where we do the most random minor characters from the Bioshock series and go to a con. Annnd… go!

A couple months ago a did a little Rosalind video to thank all the new followers on my Facebook page. I complied all the stupid outtakes from the twenty minutes of film I had for my own entertainment but never shared it… until today because I am a goof and maybe this’ll make one person laugh.

I’ll probably regret this later. And I know my dialect isn’t perfect. 

EDIT: It just finished processing, and that last preview frame… oh my god, I die. xD

I don’t know if I still want to actually cosplay BaS Elizabeth now that I’ve played through both episodes, but have another shot of the one I threw together in excitement for the release.

I’m going to try and finish Infinite Liz soon, but I need to grow my hair back out a bit before there’s any real pictures of that (womp womp).

I hardly ever like genderbent cosplays because they’re generally done up too sexy and unlike the character whatsoever, but this is one that I do approve of because it’s so well done. So well done.

Cosplay Tips - Going to the Source

If you can contact the designer/concept artist/creator of the character you’re cosplaying for advice/help YOU SHOULD. I’ve done this twice so far in my “cosplay career,” and they’ve been nothing but fantastic and more than willing to help.

And by extension, if you can contact another cosplayer about a costume they’ve done or tips and advice or whatever else YOU SHOULD. I know a lot of people are very guarded and close-lipped with their work (which is completely understandable), but most of use won’t bite. :)

I guess I’ll make this tips post a thing now…


single mug (one Lutece on each side)
set of two (one Lutece on each, as shown)

p.s. Sorry I’m lame and am posting the same picture of them. Just wanted to remind everyone of the sale!

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So I started working on this in October when my boyfriend started telling me more about Dota 2 and had full intentions of finishing it in time to wear it all winter long, but real work got in the way (and the actual hood part took me way too long to figure out, and it turned out being the simplest thing in the world). Just need to embroider and add the fur now.

I have too many ideas constantly churning away in my head, that’s why I never finish anything. I’m working on that.

But, I love Crystal Maiden’s Snowdrop set. A real cosplay of it will be done one day. 


Photoset of my Booker DeWitt from Otakon.

I actually really enjoyed this cosplay. It was very easy to wear around and I just love the game/series so much!!

Photos by Obscura Vista

Booker DeWitt - Zacloudseth

I’m just going to go ahead and say it— best Booker I’ve seen yet.

"If an atom can be suspended indefinitely, well— why not an apple?"

For the month I’m offering $5 off the Lutece mugs in my Etsy shop since there are so many of you who reblogged my original post with them. Enter the code 5WOULDYOUKINDLY at the checkout to receive the discount. Ends 4/1/14, so jump on it while you can!

single mug
set of two

(My Robert wasn’t around for me to get a shot of him with that side of the mug, but you can see it on the listings!)


After looking around for Liz’s BAS heels I FOUND THEM HERE. THEY EXIST. IRRATIONAL/THE DESIGNER DID THEIR HWK. They are authentic! Too bad the pair I found wouldn’t have fit and were sold. :c Ah anyway if someone was looking to replicate these here are the photos. The brand name is MARCH and the key words used were vintage black t strap. EDIT: Found a very similar pair here.

I just need to openly weep that I didn’t find these sooner. They would have fit me. :(

But bravo once again, Irrational designers, for your amazing research.

Selling this 1920s inspired dress that was a prototype for a made-to-order item that never took off. Gold stretch velvet fully lined with ivory silk crepe. Never worn except for photos. Full info here:


Just wanted to share the two dressed I designed and made for West Side Story (Malvern Theatre Society 2014). Basically everything else was borrowed and thrifed, but it was important to me that these two looked exactly how I had in my mind. 

Loads more pictures of the production on the website portfolio. All production photos by Bob Colameco.